My Favorite Tea!

As you guys know from a previous post, I fell in love with tea during a 2013 trip to Alaska and my obsession for tea has grown ever since. From trying to find the perfect Moroccan Mint in the states to discovering a proper English Breakfast. I like to think I’ve tried a large range of teas but there are so many more teas to try. I recently discovered what Pu’er tea is and I’m excited to tell you more about that in the future.

However, no matter how many different varieties I try of my favorite leaf, there is one tea that reigns supreme. No matter what, I always end up going back to it and that tea is Yorkshire Gold. I want to let you know that this post is not sponsored in any way. I am just extremely passionate about this tea and I wanted to share it with you guys!


How do they make Yorkshire Gold? It takes a lot of blending and layering of flavors. The company that produces Yorkshire Tea goes back over 130 years. How cool is that? As you guys know, I love a brand with good heritage. As I was doing research on this brand, I discovered that the tea is tasting at least 8 times to make sure it creates “A Proper Brew”, the slogan for the brand is “Let’s have a proper brew”! They also use sustainable farming practices, how could you not love this brand?!

The Yorkshire Gold blend that  I love is a combination of black teas that come from these three places: Assam, Kenya and Rwanda. The tea comes from some of the best tea gardens in the entire world, I mean how cool is that? The blend is similar to an English Breakfast but better. The tea is robust and full of greats flavors. It’s extremely smooth and can either be bold or mild depending on how long it is steeped. It’s a perfect tea to wake up too. The flavors are so nice and almost subtle, but the aftertaste is really what makes this tea great. The flavor lingers and it’s nothing short of magical.

Depending on how you make your tea affects the flavor. Yorkshire tea has taken this into account as well, which is why they have a hard water blend out now as well. Other then water, there is a certain method to make a proper brew and that is to: Boil you water, place your teabag in the mug of your choice, pour the freshly boiled water or in my case the Insta-hot over the tea bag and then steep. I tend to let it steep for about 4 minutes or so.  Squeeze out the tea bag to make sure you’re getting all of it’s goodness! Finally, last but not least add your sweetener. To create my perfect cuppa, I simply add about teaspoon or so of agave. I love to switch up my sweetener and use honey quite a bit as well. It’s my favorite way to wake up in the morning and the only way I actually wake up!

Do you have a tea that you just can’t stop drinking or that you’re obsessed with? If your answer is YES, leave the brand in a comment below! I always love to try new tea.




My First Vineyard Experience

This is a little different then my regular posts and I hope you like it! I am currently in a class in which we are studying alcohol and how to manage a bar. We are currently learning all about different kinds of wines. How wine is made and the history behind wines began to fascinate me. I just do not indulge in wine often. So I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the world of wine.

As an extra credit assignment and for fun, I decided I wanted to check out a vineyard and see what I was learning in class, in person. So I did some research and found out that in New Jersey  that there were quite a few vineyards and tasting rooms around the state. I came across Alba Vineyards and I was able to book a tour for me and my family.


Alba Vineyards is a family-run business, which makes it even cooler! I was so excited to go on the tour, I snapchatted a lot of it. If you aren’t following me on snapchat( follow me at beccamichellegb), please do for exclusive content! The area was absolutely stunning and there were grapes for what felt like miles. Here’s an up close and personal view of the grapes.

The tour guide was happy to explain to us in detail all about how to process grapes and turn them into wine. My mother was fascinated by the crushing machine. This machine was on and crushing grapes as we entered the large barn. I was lucky enough to meet their winemaker! He was explaining to us that they were working on their Riesling( which happens to be a wine, I really like). He took a wine glass from the vat where the  grape juices were flowing in and allowed me to try some of the grape juice before it went into production. So I got to taste pre-wine wine AKA just a basic grape juice.  It was so incredibly sweet and tasty. The room was full of barrels of wine and it was such a cool experience. I am super glad that I got the opportunity to take what I learned and put it into action.

After the tour, we got to attend a tasting! As you can see below, the vineyard welcomed us to the tasting room with open arms. This sign made me feel so fancy! Did I keep it, you may ask? The answer is yes I did. For the actual tasting, I did an entire flight of white wines since it’s what I prefer. I did try a red as well, I much prefer my wine light-bodied, so usually red wine is too robust for me.  As I was tasting the wine, I was able to pick up all of the flavor notes the guide explained and more! I’ve never been more proud of my tastebuds.


Have you ever been to a vineyard? What type of wine do you prefer?


Beauty Con NYC 2016

This year for my birthday, I was given 2 tickets to attend this year’s official BeautyCon! Beauty Con is the original beauty convention. I couldn’t be more excited about attending the event with my best friends Gissel. You guys have seen her on here before, a couple of times. She’s redhead now, no longer a blonde.


Beauty Con is much different then Generation Beauty, the brands are different and the influencers are completely different! The atmosphere is a lot different as well. I was super excited that they were holding panels throughout the day with different influencers.It was really nice to see a wider range of lifestyle gurus as well as beauty ones. The panels were free to attend but you did need to spend a extra money in order to attend a meet-up. At GenBeauty, the meet-ups were entirely free.However, at the panels I got to see Bethany Mota make a speech on confidence. It was so cool to be in the presence of someone so well known. This is Bethany!!!


I had completely different experiences at both events. I feel as if GenBeauty was little more my speed and a little more organized. I would really love to attend it next year with a friend. I did have a great time at Beauty Con with Gissel! It gave me a much better opportunity to connect with brands. It wasn’t necessary about free products, which was really nice. The lines were still long but if you downloaded Kik, you were able to get in a virtual line and they would text you when it was your turn. This allowed you to go to do more and spend more time experiencing the event then waiting in line!  I used this many times to get to the bigger and more popular brands like NYX, Lime Crime, L’Oreal Paris and Maybelliene. I did discover quite a handful of brands I was unfamiliar with. So it was a lot of fun meeting and connecting with those brands.

My haul isn’t quite as mighty as my Generation Beauty one, but it was still really nice. I did buy a lot more products at this event then at GenBeauty. I think going to the event with Gissel really made it a lot more fun! I felt weird at Generation Beauty taking so many selfies, however with Gissel I didn’t feel weird about it.We got some super cute photos together from a few brands.




Derma E Reveal and Review

As you guys know from past posts,  the one type of routine I seem to have problems sticking with is Skincare. I never seem to get skincare right, I either do the steps in the wrong order or sometimes I will even forget steps. The one step, I neglected until recently was using moisturizer in the morning and night cream in the evening. Lucky for me, Brandbacker and Derma E decided to send me some skincare products to help me get back into my skincare groove.

I am so excited to share with you a very special sneak peak coming out soon from Derma E. They have decided to completely change their packaging and are in the process of rebranding their products! I was lucky enough to receive both their night cream as well as their day cream.  The night cream has their new packaging and their day cream has the old. So I want to start off comparing and contrasting simply the packaging alone.

The newer packaging makes the brand look a lot chicer. The simplistic version of logo really helps focus on the product instead of focusing on reading the label. It looks a lot cleaner. The jar has always been clear but as you can see with the old style, you wouldn’t notice. The label is completely covering the jar. I also feel like the new labels are much easier to read and the logo is set in a better spot on the jar. The new label also has a great feel to it, compared to the almost slippery label on the old. What do you think? I am loving their look new look!img_8973


From Frizzy to Fab: Flat Iron Fun

Frizzy hair is the worst! My hair is a big pile of frizz, so 90% of the time I throw it up in a ponytail or bun because any other way, it looks like a nightmare. Recently, I’ve been getting tired of putting it up and I decided, I want to let it down. So my solution to all of that craziness is to use a flat iron. I am so excited to share with you a post today in collaboration with Irresistible Me*.  They were kind enough to send me their Diamond Hair Straightener . I was so excited to play around with this flat iron because the one I was previous using wasn’t getting the job done.

The packaging is chic and all-black. As you open it, you see the flat iron and its’s beautiful. I love the bright red color of it and it’s sleek design. It’s rather thin but it gets the job done. So it’s takes me a wee bit longer then it regularly does. However, because of it’s size, it’s easier to get some of those little hairs up front. It also makes it easier for going over little sections.


One of my favorite features of this flat iron is it’s ability to change the temperature. With this feature it allows users to have better control of the iron. I also learned that different hair textures require different temperatures. If you have thinner hair, you are going to want to keep the temperature lower or else your hair will become brittle. You also need to be careful with that feature, so you do not burn your hair. My hair is extremely thick, so I can keep this at a higher temperature.

To give you guys a big picture of what I am talking about, below is the before and after photo of my hair. Please pardon my crazy pre-hair. I didn’t want to straighten my hair entirely, I just wanted it flat enough so I could wear it down.

Do you guys ever straighten your hair or do you prefer to curl it?

*This product was given to me free of charge for reviewing purposes.