The Plantiful Interview

It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I’m standing outside of Pulp juice bar, trying to figure out if it’s just simply a window or if there is a place to sit down inside. I look around, slightly panicked will I have meet The Plantiful’s Isabelle here and take her somewhere else? A sigh of relief comes across me as I realize that there are four tables inside for Pulp partons.

As I sit on the bench outside Pulp scanning the menu and the area around me waiting for Isabelle Strichen of The Plantiful, I spot a petite blonde in a black dress who seems to be glowing. For some reason, I had a feeling it was her, “Isabelle” I said timidly. I was correct and we placed our order, I ordered a refresher smoothie (full of tropical fruits) and she got a cold-brew coffee, as we chat it feels as if we are old friends.

We started to talk about our backgrounds, she studied Urban Planning at university which sparked her interest in the health industry. As she was studying city habits, she kept wondering how and why health in cities was constantly changing. She commented that cities can be good or bad depending on what we’re feeding them. What we eat and how we eat greatly impacts the health of a city.

Isabelle mentioned to me that she always loved veggies and was never interested in meat as a child, thus leading to her initially go vegetarian. Isabelle lived in Paris and was discriminated against because of her vegetarianism. Soon enough, she moved to New York City and made the transition to veganism in 2013.

Isabelle mentioned that with veganism is “ not about being perfect but it’s about giving as much as you can and saving lives”. Imagine just skipping meat once a week and think about how many lives it saves, even from just a day. A lot of people in United States are concerned if Vegans get enough protein and they do just from other sources. Isabelle prefers to get her protein from Beans especially chickpeas, she mentioned that she “ pretty much eat hummus every day”.

She was looking for resources when she first moved to New York City and came across a vlogger known as Sweet Potato Soul (AKA Jenné Claiborne). They ended up working together on a project for Isabelle’s job and became quick friends, leading them to the creation of So Buddhalicious.

As a certified health coaches, Isabelle and Jenné found that most of her clients wanted to make the transition to Veganism but were lacking in resources just like Isabelle (at first). They created this program in hopes that it will help those who want to transition to veganism.  Their meal plan is based around something called a Buddha Bowl. A Buddha bowl is a “wholesome meal in bowl”which contains items from every food group, so it’s full of nutrients, flavor and textures. The girls have their full 30-day program as well as a weekend challenge for those who aren’t sure they want to make the time commitment. The programs focuses on seasonally-based recipes but some of Isabelle’s favorites are their sweet Potato falafel bowls as well as their French toast bowls. The program has taken off worldwide and it’s helped countless people finally make the transition to Veganism. How cool is that? 


For more information on So Buddhalicious, click here.

Updates: August 4th, 2016

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement! I am happy to announce I am interning for an awesome brand called By Breanne, which combines my love for fashion, sweets and social media! My internship is in New York City and I forgot how much I loved city life. It’s stressful yet wonderful(in the Times Square area). Tiring yet invigorating. It’s everything I want. I’ve met some really amazing people, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the future. I’m currently working in Brooklyn. I’ve never really been to Brooklyn before this internship and I am really enjoying  Williamsburg.

I’m sorry for not sharing everything with you guys on my blog! If you do miss my posts, check out my snapchat, my username is beccamichellegb!

I have an interview post coming up and I think you guys are going to love it! It was so great, I’m having a hard time compacting it all into a post!

I also started playing Pokemon Go! I’m team Mystic, if you must know. My goal is to collect all of the water Pokemon and become Misty. Talk about #goalsAF.

I am also going on Vacation to the Catskills this week! I have never been there before and I am so excited to check it out. I will make sure that I have posts for you all about that.

Gissel and I just went on a Gossip Girl Tour of The Upper East Side on a day off and it was great! Let me know in the comments below, if you want to hear all about that.

So that is all for now! Back to editing my interview. Thanks for sticking with me❤




L’Oréal Voluminous VoxBox Review

I realized it’s been quite some time since I’ve done a beauty post, so I decided to share one with you today! This is going to be one of the many to come. I am thinking about doing a Make-Up Mondays series, what do you guys think? It would include beauty reviews and hauls and tips and tricks! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive the L’Oréal Voluminous VoxBox from Influenster for free! However, All opinions are my own. For those of you who are new here and are unfamiliar with Influenster, it’s a website that you write and share product reviews. They work with brands to feature new products, so once you review items they see what sorts of things you’re interested in and if they feel you are a fit for the brand they make you take a survey and sometimes that leads to a “VoxBox” of goodies for you to review. If you want to join it, check out this link. I saw that this box was full of eye products and I was so excited about it!


The box has six products in it and all of them are eye products, it included their mascara primer, mascara, two eyeshadows, eyeliner and an eyebrow kit. Let’s get right into the reviews, Shall we?

The mascara primer was the focus of this box. It’s an unscented white mascara that is supposed to prep your lashes for maximum volume. I like this product a lot! It recommends curling your lashes before using it, so I did. (You should always curl your lashes before mascara, it helps shape them). It leaves a layer of white on your lashes which looks rather weird. I was confused about if I should be wearing one coat or more of it. Once the white is dry, you add their regular mascara on it or any other mascara. This morning, I tested it under Tarte’s lash paint (which I got a whole sized one for free and I’ll tell you how, next week) and it worked beautifully. I am so happy to have a product like this in my collection. I think it’s an extremely useful tool when it comes to volume. It really helps pump up your lashes, so they look like falsies (which is my favorite because I hate putting on fake lashes). I would give this product a 4.5/5.


Now on to the mascara that is recommend you put over this. The mascara has a very light chemical sort of scent. The wand is pretty classic and nothing too special. It holds a lot of color. To get maximum volume, I applied 2 coats or so and it works extremely well. I got the color “Blackest Black”, which I really enjoy. It’s a pretty solid mascara that gives nice volume and coverage. I would give this product a 4 /5 , strictly because I hate the chemical scent. It’s also easy to take off.


I’ve been super into eye shadow lately, so I was super excited to receive 2 individual shades of shadow from their Colour Riche collection. I noticed that in my make-up collection, I am seriously lacking in single eye shadows. I recently purchased two with Colour Pop and I happened to have 2 other just sort of laying around my drawer. I am a palette kind of girl. The colors I received were “Paris Beach” and “Pain au Chocolat“. The first thing I noticed about the product is that the pigmentation in them is stunning! They give so much color! I am  absolutely in love with this formula, it is smooth and creamy! It is not powdery at all! I love to use “Paris Beach” as base for other colors. The shine in the “Pain au Chocolat” is great and I really enjoy it. I would give these a 5/5.


I have very strong feelings on eyeliner, so I was nervous when I got an eyeliner in this box. I am very much a pencil-liner type of girl. I’ve been using the same brand of eyeliner for a decade. I never found anything else that worked well in my waterline until recently. The Infallible liner came with this box and it is screw-up style top and I never have any luck with those. The formula is extremely creamy. I really enjoy the formula of this product. It goes on super smoothly and it works in the waterline, which is rare when it comes to this style of mascara. I also loved the blur tool on the other end of this product, however the cap is extremely hard to get off and its ends up taking off the bottom of the liner with it. So I am going to give this a 4/5.


Last but not least, we have a mini-brow kit. I am not very good with my eyebrows, so bare with me. I am just learning about this stuff. I received Brow Stylist set in medium to dark. The kit is so compact, which is great. Inside it has a brush, and even tweezers. It’s great for anyone on the go. I found that formula did not work out well for me. I had a difficult time getting my brows how I wanted, this is for someone who wants light brows not heavy ones. The brush is extremely small, which made it difficult to use. It also didn’t pick up product well. I would give this a 3/5.


Thanks for checking out my post, let me know in the comments below, what your favorite eye product is!

Ouai Event and Friends

So  I got to attend my first ever event as a Sephora VIB! Since I am a Sephora VIB, I get invited to events and master make-up classes! Why do I get to do this? The answer is I spend way too much money at Sephora.

There are several events throughout Manhattan and they were themed braid bars with different brands. I chose to attend the Ouai brand collaboration because I’ve been hearing so much buzz about this haircare line from Jen Atkin. Jen Atkins is well known hair stylist for the stars, some of her clients include the entire Kardashian/Jenner squad! I was so excited to check out the collection, I thought the event was just for VIB but I was wrong, anyone could attend. I got in line and there were 10 people in front of me. I was so worried I wouldn’t make my dinner reservation with Caroline and Carolyn !

I waited and waited in line making small talk with everyone around me. My phone was loosing battery and I didn’t want to waste it. Their were two hairstylists there. Eventually after about an hour of waiting, I got to Megan. She was a nice woman with short blonde hair and she really seemed to be enjoying doing people’s hair. I saw people before me demand certain styles of braids and I found it quite rude. I allowed Megan creative freedom with my hair. She gave me a sort faux hawk braid as well as 2 others. It’s hard to explain but the picture below will explain.

Shoutout to Caroline, she took like 20 pictures of it at Bar Americain

I wanted to actually purchase one of the products, so I could share my thoughts with you guys. Megan recommended the oil product to me. She said to put it on right before styling and that it would add some serious moisture to my hair. So I picked it up alone with a fan brush for highlighting. I’ve been seeing a lot of beauty bloggers use them so I had to give it a try.



As a gift for purchasing something from Ouai, I got a set of her volumizing shampoo and conditioner! It’s so solid size wise. I also redeemed my 500+ points on Sephora with a Tarte collection! It’s has a lot of different things and guess what, they were all free! I love free things so much!


We went to dinner at one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants called Bar Americain and it was amazing! There’s nothing like catching up with friends over a glass (or ten) of wine at a nice restaurant! I got the Fried Chicken, just look how beautiful it is!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This happened Friday night! I got stuck at Port Authority for an extra hour, waiting for the bus. So I arrived home at around 1AM! I drafted this post while sitting and waiting for my bus! Saturday, I saw my friends Hannah and Gina. It had been a few months since I had last seen them. Hannah and I were planning on meeting up and she mentioned that she had a surprise for me. Her surprise was Gina! We went to lunch at a restaurant called Tiger Noodles. I ordered pan-fried angel hair with beef and chicken. Normally, I’m not one to eat beef but it sounded so delicious so I gave it a try! It was so worth it!


It was so good and Gina ate my broccoli! We were all catching up and it was really fun to learn what my friends have been up too. After lunch, Gina made it her mission to find a certain fountain on the Princeton campus, which we never found. (Later Hannah texted a picture).


Then we headed to an old-timey looking ice cream parlor called the Halo Pub. It had products from a micro-dairy in the area. It looked so cool and vintagey! The atmosphere was super cool and I don’t  how to describer it other then that.

The flavor of ice cream I opted for a Peanut Butter Vanilla. It was nothing short of magical. Gina got a lemon sorbet and Hannah got a Chocolate cherry ice cream. Hannah is the one who has the selfies of all three of us but sadly, they didn’t get posted. So I have a picture of Hannah and I together and I took the tree picture of Gina.

There’s nothing like making memories with friends over food. How was your weekend? Have you been to a Sephora event before? What was it like?

My Favorite Fashionistas

Today, I want to talk to you all about fashion. It’s something I truly love but lately, my style has been slacking, but my beauty routine has been on point. So I am trying to balance them out. So here is a list of my 5 Favorite Fashionistas. I’m hoping by putting this together, I re-inspire myself to dress like these lovely ladies. In case you don’t know this already, my favorite color scheme is Black & White, which is why most outfits are in those colors.

  1. Taylor Swift– This is pretty obvious is you look at my on my pinterest. Taylor Swift’s retro-inspired style gives me life! I wasn’t a huge fan of her recent “Edgy” phase but it looks like her style is back to normal. Also can we talk about her and Tom Hiddleston for a second?! I’m also obsessed with Karlie Kloss.

2. Eleanor Calder– I fell in love with Eleanor’s style while she was dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. They’ve been broken up for quite some time and I love her timeless style. There is something I adore about British style. Eleanor is little more edgy now but she keeps her style crisp and clean cut, which I adore.I want her to dress me like everyday…like actually .

3. Erika Fox-I feel like I talk about like every other post because I love her so much! I discovered her blog through Instagram and I am obsessed! I adore everything about Erika, she’s my blog crush(her snapchat is amazing)! Erika is Irish and the style over there is so different then over here. They have a focus on layering as well as individuality a little more then we do in the states. She looks effortless, she’s just someone who could throw something on and it just looks amazing! How do I be her?

4. Emma Roberts– I’ve always been a fan of Emma Roberts as an actress. Her style is quite classic and trendy. I love it. She also has that cool girl sort of vibe about her. She another person who can just throw something together and look awesome!


5. Miranda Kerr– I have always liked Miranda Kerr, I’ve been a fan of hers since she first became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She was one of my biggest inspirations when it came to cutting my hair short. Her style is simple but has a certain edge to it that I just love! She looks so put together, no matter what she wears and it inspires me so much!


Who inspires your style?